• Student Verify

    iCredify uses online tool to check on student records from High School, College and other educational institutions including professional licenses. iCredify is a digitizing veriifcation which facilitates the exchange of student information for not just Corporate, but Government, Finance and Education.

  • student Self-Service

    Students can now get their own degrees and certificates verified and add more value to their resumes. iCredify verifies your certificate from Secondary school to Graduate and post graduate college and provides the iCredify Seal of Approval. The seal is well recognized in India across companies and recruitment agencies as it helps them to choose rightful and valid academic degree holders.

  • Profile Builder

    The Profile Builder, with its simple, tools helps students in creating professional resume and cover letter with ease. It also enables them to share web-based portfolio via email or social media. It also helps in effectively showcasing and highlighting the achievements in sports, cultural and social activities and adding evidence of experiences. The Profile Builder not only works on your portfolio, but also helps with career counseling, giving opportunity to interact with faculty to discuss career choices and placement, and practice via mock interviews..

  • iCredify Verified

    Surveys have revealed that hiring managers prefer interviewing someone with a verified background and credentials. Therefore iCredify brings iCrederity advantage to students as well. The iCredify seal helps improve a student’s chance of getting hired and land their dream job faster by providing pre-employment screening upfront. It make your resume stand apart from the fake ones.

  • Alumni Tracker

    iCredify has brought Institutes a great way to track their graduating and former students’ progress and help in creating a strong alumni network. Data driven, this service also helps with the placement season in campuses along with many other features. The tracker is also a great way to be informed about the industry trends and compare reports across multiple institutions. The reports and data are easily accessible online.

  • Transcript Ordering

    iCredify advantage brings to you the ease of getting duplicate copies of your educational documents in case of loss of the original ones. Students can directly apply for it on iCredify website and we would ensure to get your documents for you are the earliest without you having to physically run around universities and colleges.