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Our Story

Founded in 2014, iCredify is an education verification service wholly owned by iCrederity Info Services Private Limited. iCrederity is based in India and is headquartered in Bangalore.

iCrederity is a rapidly growing, award-winning information technology & risk mitigation company. It enables individuals and businesses of integrity to stand apart while safeguarding them against fraud through verification and certification. It's a leading player in India in the background verification space. It was founded and incubated at Wharton and offers B2B services to Indian Corporates, Fortune 500 companies and web portals, architected to simultaneously allow iCrederity to build a consumer network.

iCredify allows corporates to create highly skilled and qualified professionals, tailored to the needs of industry based on educational qualification. In the competitive world, a pool of job seekers misrepresents their marks to take advantage in career advancement. iCredify now offers degree certificate verification for freshers and senior associates.

iCredify is helping companies to get verified graduates with specific discipline with what we do best -college enrollment verification and marks verification solutions provided to give our clients a competitive advantage.

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What We Do

We are dedicated to fulfilling our increasing group of clients by offering them with accurate and quick education verification solutions of the utmost standard that are marks verification, year of passing the exam verification, certificate fraud detection and college enrollment verification. We will bring greater awareness of unseen risk of fraud certificate holders and highlight the essential significance of accurately hiring the right qualified professionals to company. iCredify submits complete data about individual's school and college education records for the companies, a potent report that make easy for companies to recruit. iCredify collects information about academic credentials of job seeker or scholarship applicant. We gather data from all the schools and colleges studied by individual.

Who We Serve

iCredify will assist anyone and everyone who is looking for verification on education credentials. With a strong foundation in embracing ethics of "transparency while showing identity" we help all types of companies and organizations in accessing authenticate education records of individuals. iCredify's clients are from small to large business. Our clients are spread across our thirty states of India, from Bangalore to Mumbai, Delhi to Kolkata. We engaged working with startups, IT sectors, manufacturing sector, Fortune 500 companies, business to business companies.

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